Unveiling Desa: An Intern 3D Artist's Perspective

In the realm of creative expression, 3D design stands as a captivating intersection between art and technology and what better way to learn than being an intern at a game studio building 3D virtual worlds. Galaxy Technology, located in the region Rotterdam, is a development company with a passion for gaming, designing and virtual worlds. 

One of these virtual reality worlds is Desa, standing as a beacon, offering artists and businesses a platform to nurture their aspirations within a community that strives for making connections and mutual respect. In this blog we chat with a 3D artist working for Galaxy Technology, whose story not only sheds light on the purpose of Desa and the transformative impact it may have on artists and communities worldwide but also the journey from intern to talented 3D artist. 

Could you please introduce yourself and how did you find the internship at Galaxy Technology?

Azeem: Hello, my name is Azeem Zaidi, illustrator, animator, and 3D designer. I studied animation for two years at the 'Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam’ and in the third year we needed to find an internship. I searched all over the web for the perfect match, and that's when I stumbled upon Galaxy Technology. Although I could not find an internship in frame by frame animation, their unique concept and exciting project of Desa drew me in and I applied for the 3D designing internship. 

Can you tell me in your own words what Desa is about?

Azeem: Desa is a world all about creativity and your own aspirations. It's a platform where artists can share their creations, and businesses can thrive based on passion. Desa empowers creators to grow and connect with like minded individuals, providing a platform to showcase their work to a wider audience.

What do you think of the purpose/message, and how do you relate?

Azeem: Desa's purpose is captivating; it attracts people like artists, creators, and businesses to grow and interact with people who have the same aspirations as you. Personally, I've been searching for a platform to share my work, and Desa seems like the ideal space. When Desa is released, it will be a great way to share my work there for others to see.

What kind of things regarding 3D did you learn during the internship and can you tell me a bit about the creative process at Galaxy?

Azeem: I can say with confidence that Galaxy Technology taught me everything about 3D designing. Previously I had used software like Cinema 4D and Autodesk CAD but never Blender. Galaxy Technology taught me everything in Blender from complicated shapes and mesh topology to UV unwrapping and collision making. 

The creative process is pretty simple on paper but it is quite complex and takes up a long time. First you will go through a research process, then mesh creation, UV unwrapping, and texture mapping. Understanding the object or concept comes first, followed by crafting the mesh and adding details. UV unwrapping ensures proper texturing, and for game assets, collision making is essential. An ID map helps differentiate textures for various parts of the object. Throughout all this there is also intensive feedback from the Lead 3D artist which is very helpful. This is the workflow we learn at Galaxy Technology and it has been very valuable in my 3D design journey.

What was your favorite project you worked on for Desa?

Azeem: One of my favorite projects was creating the Kickstarter visuals for Desa. These visuals show various aspects that you could get in Desa and were really fun to work on. I worked on this project together with one other intern and it was a fun challenge for us to come up with a concept for a scene, create a nice illustration, prototype and create the full scene in blender.

What about your personal favorite 3D work?

Azeem: I haven't been a 3D artist for that long but from my personal collection the Soft & Wet model is my best work yet. This model was entirely modeled by me but inspired by Toshiyuki Araki. 

What impact do you think Desa could have on different communities worldwide?

Azeem: Desa is a project with a lot of different aspects to it and all those aspects have their own representative community. For example, the VR community is very broad and could find Desa intriguing as a standalone build. The possibilities for Desa are endless, making it appealing to diverse communities, drawing them into its expansive digital universe.

How do you think Desa's mission aligns with your aspirations as a 3D artist?

Azeem: Desa's requirements align perfectly with my desire to master 3D design. I want to be able to create my own environments, objects, scenes, props and models and Desa can give me the experience needed to learn 3D at the quality I desire. 

How could Desa offer different opportunities for interns and students?

Azeem: Desa could serve as a hub for learning and growth, especially for interns and students. Similar to my experience with 3D, they could receive comprehensive training, gaining valuable insights into the workings of a creative company. An internship is a great way to learn the ways around in a company and for people to expand their knowledge and contribute meaningfully to Desa's evolution.

Speaking of Desa’s evolution, how do you envision Desa's future and do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to further enhance Desa’s mission?

Azeem: Desa will keep growing and expanding their digital boundaries to create the best experience for everyone. To reach our goals we will need more developers, 3D designers and programmers. I would say that Desa needs to be more varied in artistic styles. Most of the projects regarding the look of Desa I worked on have this high class look but incorporating more casual and stylized elements would broaden its appeal. Offering more options in decorations or buildings, would make Desa more accessible to different tastes and preferences.

In the hands of passionate artists like Azeem Zaidi, Desa's future is destined to be extraordinary. His dedication, creativity, and vision are emblematic of the vibrant spirit that fuels the Desa community. As we eagerly anticipate Desa's development, artists like Azeem continue to shape the platform into a world of boundless creativity and innovation.

Are you interested in contributing to the building of Desa and stand behind its passion and story? We are always looking for someone with a passion for their craft, who is eager for new challenges, has great attention to detail, and is a strong team player.

Please use the link below to check out our open positions. 


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