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Our mission is clear: to create an inclusive platform that fosters collaboration, innovation, social impact and economic growth in the virtual realm.

From Desa Museum to Afangaro Academy, we provide artists with opportunities to showcase and monetise their work. Rooted in inclusivity, Desa celebrates diverse traditions and stories while offering immersive experiences that transcend boundaries.

Whether you're offering insights, contributing to development or testing, we warmly welcome your involvement. Together, let's shape the future of virtual connection, collaboration, and creativity.

What is your Desa?

Rénette, Valérie, Garrick
Team Desa

Invest in Desa!

Join us in revolutionising the future of virtual experiences. Desa is not just a platform; it's a dynamic ecosystem where innovation, sustainability, and global connectivity converge. As we shape the virtual landscape, we invite forward-thinking investors to be pioneers in this transformative journey.

Together, let's build a world where imagination knows no bounds, and opportunities are limitless. Invest in Desa and be at the forefront of the next era in digital evolution.

A User poem inspired by Desa

Life is a bridge, built by ancestors strong,
Uniting people, worlds, where we all belong.
In this realm, past and present converge,
Creating new journeys, opportunities emerge.
Let's cross this bridge, build a stronger society,
In Desa, together, we shape our destiny.

What is Desa Lab?

"I'm Rénette, CEO of Galaxy Technology. Did you know that we've just launched our first Desa Lab in Rotterdam? And we are going global.
Why is this so crucial? These labs are like innovation powerhouses, driving our technology growth. They empower local communities and spark global collaboration for big ideas. Plus, they bring jobs, investments and skills to cities worldwide.
These labs are essential for building Desa in line with our shared goals. Join us at Desa and let's shape the future together.
I can't wait to meet you in Desa!"

What does "Desa" mean?

The word "Desa" comes from Indonesia where it commonly refers to a village or community. Desa reflects its core values of community, connection, and inclusivity, symbolising a virtual space where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to collaborate, create, and build a shared future.


Meet the Team

We are working with a team of technically skilled and creative professionals to bring the detailed and immersive world of Desa to life.

Rénette Sastrowidjojo
Valérie Romeo
Gabriëlla Pupella
Head of Recruitment
Sandra Veerman
3D Artist & Lead Marketing
Garrick Los
Lead 3D Artist
Sarah Habibi
3D Artist
Lilla Baksay
3D Fashion
Enzo Witteveen
3D Artist
Azeem Ziadi
3D Artist
Alp Eren Özbay
3D artist

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