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Desa: Redefining Virtual Reality

Our mission is clear: to create an inclusive platform that fosters collaboration, innovation, social impact and economic growth in the virtual realm.

From Desa Museum to Afangaro Academy, we provide artists with opportunities to showcase and monetise their work.

Rooted in inclusivity, Desa celebrates diverse communities, building bridges and offering a place for sharing cultures.

What is Desa?

Desa is a new upcoming MMO virtual world with the purpose to be a dynamic hub for creativity, collaboration, and community-building. We aim to offer a unique platform where you can connect, share knowledge, engage in immersive experiences, and monetise your work and talents.

As we prepare for our launch at the end of 2024, we're inviting investors, enthusiasts, gamers, artists, programmers, and visionaries to join us. Your support and participation are crucial in refining and propelling Desa to new heights we strongly believe it can reach. 

Reinventing 3D cities

The start of our 3D Desa City is inspired by our homebase, Rotterdam, while infusing it with our own creativity. With your help, Desa City map and community will grow and expand.

Some areas you will be able to explore are; Desa Museum which invites global artists to exhibit, and Afangaro Academy and Afangaro Store foster entrepreneurship and creative endeavours.

Or check out Desa's cultural hub, the Storytelling House, inspired by colonial Suriname architecture, where we preserve different cultures and invite storytellers to share their heritage. Desa University, a vibrant hub for sharing knowledge, learning and innovation. 

Not to forget, explore immersive experiences like karaoke bars, lounges, mini games, exhibitions, gardens, campfires on beaches and so much more throughout our 3D city.

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